Why Get A Seattle Home Inspection?


Choosing the right Seattle home inspection service can be quite difficult. Unlike most trade professionals you hire, you probably won’t meet me until your home inspection appointment–after you’ve hired me. Furthermore, different home inspectors have varying qualifications, testing equipment, work experience, home reporting methods, and inspection pricing. One thing that’s for sure is that a thorough home inspection requires a lot of hard work and professional training. Ultimately, a quality house inspection depends heavily on the individual home inspector’s effort. 

But making the right choice when hiring a home inspector can have a huge impact on your home buying decision.

Hiring a Seattle home inspector who doesn’t look at your roof properly can cost $5000+  or more. Plumbing and electrical issues can cost even more than this and can even endanger your life.

So take some time and ask Seattle real estate agents, mortgage brokers and paralegals who is a good choice for a great home inspector. These people are in contact with Seattle home buyers daily and know the best house inspectors to hire.

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